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The Swine Facility of Gvardia LLC became the first unit of the national project «The Development of the Agro-Industrial Complex» The Swine Facility meets all the requirements for the highest zoosanitary status, Compartment IV (High Safety Level Farm Facilities)

The company complies with all biosafety requirements which has been repeatedly confirmed by the results of independent laboratory tests conducted as part of the federal monitoring program.

Leading animal breeding specialists, both foreign and local professionals, work at the Swine Facility.

  • The production capacity amounts to 430,000 pigs of more than 115 kg of average weight annually.

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Stavropolskaya Govyadina LLC now is delivering a massive cattle breeding and fattening project in Ipatovsky and Predgorny Districts, Stavropol Krai.

The young cattle fattening farm is established and operating in Predgorny District. The farm is capable of producing up to 3,000 heads. The unit delivers more than 20 cattle heads to the Delikatesy meat processing plant daily.

The complex enjoys its own feed base of 3,500 ha. The loose keeping method with existing and designed pens will allow for efficient keeping and fattening, and with the farm close to the meat processing plant, it will help reduce the costs for cattle delivery.

Stavropolskaya Govyadina LLC has kicked off a new unit at Ipatovsky Agroindustrial Park (p. Bolshevik), a cattle breeding and fattening complex, with more than 600 Aberdeen Angus heads already on the land.

In summertime, the parent stock is range-fed, while during winter seasons, animals stay at open yards. Stavropolskaya Govyadina LLC will shortly increase the number of animals of up to 6,000 breeding stock heads. The Company plans to arrange a fattening stock of 9,000 heads.

Stavropolskaya Govyadina LLC farms more than 20,000 ha of land in Ipatovsky District. Company’s own feed base helps to ensure proper supply of feed at feedlots of the projects.


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