Meat Processing

Our meat processing plant Gvardia LLC in poselok Shturm, Krasnogvardeiskiy District is one of the most advanced projects in Stavropol Krai.

The company complies with all biosafety requirements which has been repeatedly confirmed by the results of independent laboratory tests conducted as part of the federal monitoring program.

The Meat Processing Plant meets all the requirements for the highest zoosanitary status, Compartment IV (High Safety Level Farm Facilities).

With the modern equipment, the plant manages to slaughter 180 pigs per hour, resulting in up to 45,000 metric tons of pork in slaughter weight annually.

The plant manufactures meat cuts and products of primary meat processing such as half-carcasses, semi-finished products (large pieces and small pieces) and by-products.

  • We plan to increase the output and start producing advanced-processed meat products, including ready-to-eat food under the company’s brand.

Meat Processing Plant – in the final stages of construction. The first processing lines began operating in April 2020. The plant will perform cattle slaughter, deboning, the output of retail products.

The rated capacity is up to 60 metric tons of finished products per day:
  • semi-finished meat products (grind/hamburgers, cubed beef, steaks/pork chops, roasts);
  • sausages (frankfurters, wieners, cooked smoked and semi-smoked sausages, smoked boneless pork loin chops);
  • deli meat (cured ham, bacon, dry sausages);
  • canned meats.


The feed mill was established in s. Krasnogvardeyskoye, Stavropol Krai, housed by the elevator as part of the “Development of Farming Sector” national project and sub-program “Animal Husbandry Development.”

The Feed Mill capacity is 20 metric tons of feed per hour.

We have equipped the feed mill with the best equipment possible, which allows for:

  • Automated production management.
  • Weight batching of components for primary production (grain, flour, mineral, vitamin raw materials) and vegetable oil production.
  • Measurement of moisture content and composition of both finished feed products and ingredients.

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