The most critical areas of company’s social activities include the support to physical culture and sports development, the creation of conditions designed for a healthy lifestyle and the development of sports infrastructure in the territory of the company’s presence. 

The company supports team sports clubs actively also. Wearing AGRICO sports uniform, young sportspeople from Kugulta village, Grachevsky District of Stavropol Krai, are playing football and basketball. A traditional AGRICO cup award tournament is held for them annually. 

Being supported by the company, youth volleyball team Zolotaya Niva, members of which are multiple winners of regional competitions, is training in the comfortable gym in the village Malye Yagury, Turkmensky District.
Young sportspeople are rewarded and motivated by the trips to the games of the Russian Volleyball Championship. Such trips are arranged by the company as well.

We hope that in the future someone of the trainees of Stavropol sports clubs will go into professional sports and devote his or her life to it. 


Social aid to sponsored orphanages and rehabilitation centers for children with disabilities is another area of the company’s activities — aid for those who are deprived of family and parents’ love. The primary goals of this area include the creation of favorable conditions for children and teenagers, allowing these children and teenagers to feel themselves needed and essential, and to receive extra encouragement to develop themselves and be able to adapt themselves to modern society.

AGRICO committed itself to support the following organizations: State Public Education Institution (GKOU) for orphaned and abandoned children, Orphanage No.8 in Pregradnoye village of Krasnogvardeysky District, Welfare shelter Solnyshko in Temizhbeksky settlement of Novoalexandrovsk District, Stavropol Krai. 

Apart from financial support, orphanages annually receive a significant quantity of products manufactured by AGRICO enterprises.

Traditionally, the company’s employees arrange entertainment and educational events for the pupils of the institutions under the company’s patronage. By doing that, the employees create a holiday atmosphere and give the children presents together with bright emotions and happy memories. 

We understand the importance of any contribution which intends to make children having a hard destiny feel care and attention, to make the world appear kinder to such children and to make their faces shine with smiles.


Being one of the largest land users and realizing its role in the social life of the region, AGRICO actively participates in the development of social infrastructure, ensuring that all people enjoy adequate living conditions. Since the early days of its activities, the company provides special-purpose charity support to socially necessary facilities located in the territory of the company’s presence.

Kindergartens, schools, Houses of Culture and health care institutions of more than 20 residential areas and six municipal districts of Stavropol Krai receive financial aid to make repairs or to strengthen material and technical support.

Targeted financial assistance is provided to lessors of land plots who are experiencing hardship (for such people to receive appropriate treatment and rehabilitation), to multi-child and needy families, to veterans and the Great Patriotic War participants.

The lessors and the residents of the region enjoy the ceremonial events such as Victory Day, Day of Older Persons, Village Day, Children’s Day and New Year holidays being arranged and sponsored by the company annually. 

Religion holds a special place in the life of people living in rural areas. A church remains one of the essential social institutes having a centuries-old cultural heritage which exerts a significant impact on the formation of spiritual, cultural, and national traditions. This is precisely why active participation of the company in revival, as well as the development of regional ecclesiastical and spiritual centers, has become one of the integral parts within charity activities in the region.

AGRICO allocates funds for repairs and the equipment of churches, temples and prayer houses in the territory of the company’s presence regularly. In particular, the company has financed large-scale restoration and repair works of St. Nicholas Temple in Kugulta village, one of the oldest temples of Grachevsky District. The opening ceremony of the Temple took place on May 22, 2013. 

Love of your neighbor, compassion, mutual aid, mercy, and filial piety form the basis of moral conceptions in all confessions and religious trends, and we realize the importance of keeping these traditional values alive.



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