Company culture is vital when it comes to the successful functioning of business; it lays the perfect foundation for dynamic company growth. Our social policy is designed to improve operational efficiency and to create the conditions for employees’ social security, as well as staff stability.

AGRICO has adopted uniform regulatory documents for human resources management:

  • Personnel Regulations: an integrated system of HR management;
  • Internship Regulations for young specialists;
  • Regulations on staff adaptation;
  • Regulations on personnel certification;
  • Privacy Regulations;
  • Industrial Placement Regulations;
  • Labor Pool Policy;
  • Personnel Training Policy.



The company envisages a training plan for its employees, with the system of training/retraining of specialists during their work activities.

More than 850 employees have had an opportunity to boost their skill levels.

More than 150 people have obtained new specialties in the training center (professional training department) established at the meat processing complex Gvardia.

The company’s employees participate in international exhibitions and seminars held in Russia, Poland, Israel, Belgium, Canada, Italy, and other countries. 

The company’s employees successfully take part in regional competitions “The best in the profession.”  

The company’s enterprises create comfortable conditions for young specialists. The young specialists receive social and economic benefits together with an opportunity for prompt career progression.

The enterprises of the Group of Companies became the primary employers and strategic partners of the largest educational institutions in the region. The group concluded several creative cooperation contracts with the educational institutions: 

  • Stavropol State Agrarian University (SSAU);
  • Pyatigorsk Linguistic University;
  • North-Caucasus Federal University;
  • Veterinary Technical School Ventsy-Zarya.

More than 200 young specialists have had an opportunity to undertake an industrial placement at the company’s enterprises over the past three years. Following the results of such industrial investment, the young specialists are assessed and then employed by the company. 

For further recruitment, the HR Department has established and keeps a database of students who reside in the areas where our enterprises are. 

Under the development strategy plan, the children of the company’s employees as well as the children of the company’s lessors, who provide land plots for lease, are sent to study at the Stavropol State Agrarian University to meet the requirement for skilled personnel. In total, 52 people have gone through the survey. The first alumni have already started to work at the AGRICO Group of Companies. 


The company cooperated with the administrations of public areas on the issue of employees’ enrollment in the Program “The Social Development of Villages,” which has allowed 34 people to receive subsidies. It is one of the supporting measures for young specialists and workers of our enterprises. 

The system of financial and non-financial employees’ encouragement is functioning effectively. It includes commendations, awarding of certificates of honor of the company/the region/the Ministry of Agriculture of the Stavropol Krai/the State Duma of Stavropol Krai, awarding of orders and medals, state decorations and bonuses. A total of 535 employees have received awards over three years. 

To motivate the best employees and to encourage their work activities, an award trip to the city of Sochi has been arranged to visit the Winter Olympic Games. 

The company has arranged the benefit and compensation system, which includes:

  • free medical examinations;
  • allowances granted to the employees who work in a harmful environment;
  • additional vacation leaves given to the employees who work in a hazardous environment;
  • reduced work hours for women working in rural area;
  • disability benefits;
  • selling of company’s products at the preferential price;
  • mobile communication reimbursement;
  • accommodation allowance;
  • free traveling to the place of employment using corporate transport;
  • money loans granted to employees;
  • financial assistance provided to the enterprises’ employees.

The enterprises of the Group of Companies hold regular corporate meetings and events which make our team strong, close-knit, and effective!




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